At Big Sky Collision Centers, we take pride in our paint jobs, and for good reason! We have some of the best certified auto body paint and color matching technicians in the industry.

To ensure that your vehicle looks factory-new, we use only high-end products from PPG. PPG is a leader in the paint industry that is dedicated to best-in-class color identification and matching. They also have industry-leading software programs and exclusive touchscreen technology. These years of experience and knowledge from PPG, along with our certified technicians, help to ensure your paint job and color matching is perfect!

Are you choosing an auto body paint shop for your vehicle’s new paint job? Check the shop’s qualifications, and make sure they’re licensed for automobile painting according to your state’s requirements.

Auto Body Paint: What you Need to Know

The price of a paint job varies greatly. Some shops may charge $5,000 to repaint an entire vehicle, while other shops may charge $1,200. Typically, you get what you pay for in any industry. The cheaper paint shops will not do much if any prep work at all. Over 80% of all the work on a quality paint job is the prep work. Repairing dings, scratches, and body damage before the paint job is only the beginning.It’s also important to remove glass, trim, and other panels that might be in the way before sanding. 

After all the repairs and prepping have been done at Big Sky Collision Centers, our technicians will paint the vehicle. These paint jobs normally come out so clean that they do not need to be color sanded and polished. However, we still color sand and polish every vehicle and add a sealer to further protect the paint jobs from the elements (mostly the Arizona sun). Color sanding and polishing will remove the slightest imperfection in a paint job to give the vehicle a mirror finish when it is complete.

Lifetime Auto Paint Warranty

At Big Sky Collision Centers, we give a lifetime warranty on all auto body paint jobs. This covers cracking, peeling, fading, and imperfections in the paint for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. We are able to do this because we prep the vehicles properly and use only top tier paints and clears. We have repeat customers from 1982 who have had multiple vehicles repaired or repainted, because of the quality and color matching ability of our technicians.

Contact Big Sky Collision Centers today to learn about our color matching and painting services. If you’re not able to bring your vehicle in, fill out the online estimate below.